Fashion Show Given by A Young Chinese Designer

The whole spring and summer series aims to create a new age female image that is rebellious and lovely through the language of clothing. In the brainstorming of the co – founder of the designer and the brand, these two seemingly contradictory styles harmoniously merge into one. Just like Sheenah’s interpretation of “Na Na” behind her stage, cute is the one that every girl craving for attention. Rebellion is their pride and indulgence when they display themselves bravely. They complement each other and achieve a new era of TV screen idols.

Ms. Sheenah, a hostess, singer and actress, has not only the title of “variety Queen”, “happy spirit”, but also officially recognized as Sina micro-blog this year, and has the highest number of personal accounts (Sina) of fans. According to official data, Ms. Sheenah has about 90000000 fans, 63 million of them are large and medium-sized urban users, and 23 million 100 thousand of them have close interaction with active users.

It is also due to the love and cherish their personal influence, Ms. Sheenah founded the clothing brand in 2017 with the global fashion art first online education platform UNI-CLASS, hoping to take advantage of their strength, to create a “young designer for young women tailored young brand”. At the same time, it interprets the spirit of contemporary women’s freedom, personality, self and courage and independence, conveying optimistic, real and independent attitude towards life, and the fashion idea of self assertion and not blindly following. In order to cultivate more fashionable talents, NAYOUNG labs innovation laboratory will be set up in Tsinghua University, and it will be a topic for students of different disciplines, with fabric recycling and reengineering as a task to help the sustainable development of fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton Chongqing franchised store

The French classic brand Louis Weedon Chongqing international financial center monopoly shop unveiled. The Chongqing international financial center franchised store is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, extending Louis Weedon’s unique interior decoration design. Store display Louis all kinds of products, including men and women leather series, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, perfume and other senior.

Known as the city of Chongqing City, and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is the economic center, financial center and innovation center, politics, culture, science, education and art center. In recent years, rapid development in Chongqing, consumption concept and the quality of life has been further improved. The high speed rail and freeway also radiate its luxury consumption to the whole southwest.

It is understood that since his founding, Louis Weedon has been a boundless yearning for the vast universe. From the beginning of the first suitcase, it was determined to accompany the travellers to the remotest corners of the earth. Sometimes just close your eyes, the same mind world square.

Traveling is a very personal, abstract and metaphorical experience. Traveling is not just for the purpose of destination. The journey itself is a feeling. It is a process of moistening and moistening all over the body, and it will always be remembered for a while. Today, Louis Weedon take inspiration from these touching moments, launched a new fragrance trip.

Louis Vuitton New Products Release

A jewel – like handbag, the NightBox V-Lock is the incarnation of the fashion style of the dinner party. Not only is the SWAROVSKI crystal clear on the lock, but the shape and the feeling of the bag don’t have to say a word, so it proves his identity.

This is the new Twist, this small bag show key theme fashion show in the spring of 2018 evening series: Golden Light. The silky black calf’s prints and press lines have a strange lustre, and the bold design can not be forgotten.

This is the most lovely I’ve seen carry pouch all Louis Weedon ~ Petite in a practical, double version of the design: classic Monogram canvas leather trim collocation; trendy Reverse Monogram canvas collocation black calfskin trim.

Louis Vuitton Launched a completely new design

Today, the gift has become an art. For the holiday season, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) was born in early 2017 launched a new series of gifts of art design to echo nowadays generous gifts fashion theme. A variety of elegant and elegant decorations, rare accessories and exquisite luxury sporting goods add a classic and gorgeous fashion charm to this season. Sharing the emotion by gift sharing is the long art theme that LV LV (Louis Vuitton) has been exploring on the road to excellence.

In 1854, LV LV (Louis Vuitton), offering people of the same name suitcase workshop. In those days, the most elegant ladies walked into this small shop adjacent to the legendary landmark of Paris — Fang Deng square, entrusted their beloved jewelry, hat and exquisite dress to him. Soon, this is home to famed for the innovation of travel box “package art” professional workshop began to design all kinds of interesting toy accessories, such as from LV LV (Louis Vuitton) Mr. Sun – Gaston – Mr. Louis Weedon at the hands of Pateki blocks. Since 1920s, gifts has become a living art, has given birth to numerous articles such as books, “gift: how in the new year’s day, holiday and birthday commemorative moment for the beloved selection and gifts”. At present, the 2017 launch of the three series of gifts of art theme design, provide the creative gifts for intimate grand moment, will carry forward the art of generous gifts. In the end the celebration for the gift of gifts, to create a more festive atmosphere of joy, and show the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) technology standards workshop and distinguished extraordinary.

LV LV (Louis Vuitton) design furniture series full of classic elements, can be distributed in every corner of the house. Just like a group of “LV” commemorative boxes, which can be embedded in each other, the LV Scott (Louis Vuitton) suitcase, adhering to the design tradition of LV, will combine the modern plexiglass and the natural, delicate and full natural cowhide. In the living room, the best match of all kinds of photo frames is the “Georges” locker named by the founder of Monogram canvas fabric, and has Epi leather and natural cowhide material, and three sizes, fashionable and practical. In addition, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) also launched a Christmas tree ornaments, decorated with Monogram leather and silk fabrics with floral, canvas very brand charm nobility in the classical fir tree.

Black Metrosexual Men’s Charm Brought by Louis Vuitton

Louis Weedon Tambour was born on 2002, as the brand into the altar table first efforts, including the design of unique and representative brand value characteristics. Louis Weedon brand 12 English subtitles engraved on stainless steel, as the 12 hour mark plate. Tambour seems to be cut from a piece of metal with strength and trust. On the occasion of Tambour’s fifteen – year celebration, Louis Weedon launched a new version of the new Tambour All Black.

The new Tambour All Black from PVD coating plate, stainless steel case to DLC coated stainless steel needle buckle dressed all in black, with black outline emphasizes harmony. The full table only with pointers and timescales has bright white Superluminova super night light coatings that remind us of the time. Monochrome design reflects its high timing performance. Tambour All Black is an indispensable accessory for men who love to travel and are delicate, modern and single.

Tambour All Black configuring two Louis Weedon patent system replaceable forms. 12 o’clock, Louis Weedon face the well-known V word from the 1901 edition of Steamer Gaston-Louis Vuitton travel bag design.

Louis Weedon, the new two models, including the Tambour All Black Chronographe sports chronograph, does not detract from its elegance over, especially in automatic collocation of 46 mm large case. The stainless steel crown is covered with black rubber, which is more dynamic. The other Tambour All Black Petite Seconde is known for a low-key and delicate small seconds. Features include 6 points the direction of the small second hand function, 41.5 mm case and automatic movement.

The art director of Celine, Phebe Ferro, will be resigning in January next year

According to Reuters, Louis Weedon group said Friday that Phoebe Philo, the artistic director of the brand Celine of the group, will leave in January next year.

He said in a statement: “for me, working for Celine in the past ten years has been an amazing experience.”

A well-known insider told Reuters yesterday that the British designer has decided to take a rest. She thinks she has completed the mission of transforming Celine, and will not turn to another company in the near future. The source denied the rumor that she was going to join bobailey.

“Over the past ten years, Phoebe has written a critical chapter for the story of Celine. We are very grateful for her contribution to the remarkable development of Celine. ” Bernard Arnault, the chief executive of the Louis Weedon group, said.

LV 2018 early spring series

Hemingway once said, “if you are lucky enough to be in Paris when you are young, then Paris will always follow you, because Paris is a flowing feast.” Paris, as an undisputed world fashion center, has brought together many fashion and luxury brands. Born in Paris, LV Louis Weedon, for more than 100 years, has become a symbol of the art of fashion travel with excellent quality, excellent creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Recently, LV Louis Weedon from Kyoto spring of 2018 series of fashion show in the lush Linhai prance, came to the island of Ibiza, the beautiful scenery in the interpretation of fashion between the blue sky with a camera, the perfect interpretation of the art of travel.

The true meaning of Louis Weedon’s journey is to go to the far end of the world and pursue freedom and adventure. Therefore, the actress Alicia Vikander was invited to become the ads in the Louis Weedon girl. The partner with the leading actress is the Twist and Capucines handbag. Is famous for its elegant style of Capucines handbag is a symbol of excellent LV temperament and delicate process, while the Twist handbag is women’s art director Nicolas Ghesqui re well conceived and designed a new classic.

Behind the styling of the adventurous character, it is the pioneer spirit of designer Yamamoto Kansai. As a tribute to the new early spring series, he still persisted in the pursuit of pure peace and peace of art. Patrick Demarchelier is the well-known photographer highlights early spring series design and show the unique beauty of magnificent Haitian – Louis Weedon pure art juejing invited Zhang jing.

The so-called classic, is accumulated with time and the more meaningful, transfer to different hands of designers, also may through the re interpretation, given its new appearance, and then gave birth to another classic, so the Louis Weedon spring of 2018 ad series, lens under the blue sky, the beautiful and fashionable girl LV package is the best interpretation of collocation. The art of travel.

Foreign designers cut LV bags into Star Wars sculpture

American artist Gabriel Dishaw loves three things: Star Wars, sneakers and garbage. Over the years, he has been keen on turning waste into treasure, making Star Wars figures and classic Nike shoes sculpture with all kinds of waste materials. In the past, electronic waste scrap and keyboard cap, circuit boards, he is the most commonly used material; and now, his creative tentacles of luxury brand Louis Weedon.

The big bag slightly understand people know that Louis Weedon is one of the most durable brand bags, the value of the maintenance of good classic second-hand package price is not cheap and not worry about sales, some limited edition is more appreciation of space — so the Louis Weedon bag cut in the bag, who seems to really have control point out.

The “LV Star Wars” has become one of the most popular Dishaw series, all of which have been sold out. The series is now sold only by a small tank, with a price of $4000.