Foreign designers cut LV bags into Star Wars sculpture

American artist Gabriel Dishaw loves three things: Star Wars, sneakers and garbage. Over the years, he has been keen on turning waste into treasure, making Star Wars figures and classic Nike shoes sculpture with all kinds of waste materials. In the past, electronic waste scrap and keyboard cap, circuit boards, he is the most commonly used material; and now, his creative tentacles of luxury brand Louis Weedon.

The big bag slightly understand people know that Louis Weedon is one of the most durable brand bags, the value of the maintenance of good classic second-hand package price is not cheap and not worry about sales, some limited edition is more appreciation of space — so the Louis Weedon bag cut in the bag, who seems to really have control point out.

The “LV Star Wars” has become one of the most popular Dishaw series, all of which have been sold out. The series is now sold only by a small tank, with a price of $4000.

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