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Fashion Show Given by A Young Chinese Designer

The whole spring and summer series aims to create a new age female image that is rebellious and lovely through the language of clothing. In the brainstorming of the co – founder of the designer and the brand, these two seemingly contradictory styles harmoniously merge into one. Just like Sheenah’s interpretation of “Na Na” behind her stage, cute is the one that every girl craving for attention. Rebellion is their pride and indulgence when they display themselves bravely. They complement each other and achieve a new era of TV screen idols.

Ms. Sheenah, a hostess, singer and actress, has not only the title of “variety Queen”, “happy spirit”, but also officially recognized as Sina micro-blog this year, and has the highest number of personal accounts (Sina) of fans. According to official data, Ms. Sheenah has about 90000000 fans, 63 million of them are large and medium-sized urban users, and 23 million 100 thousand of them have close interaction with active users.

It is also due to the love and cherish their personal influence, Ms. Sheenah founded the clothing brand in 2017 with the global fashion art first online education platform UNI-CLASS, hoping to take advantage of their strength, to create a “young designer for young women tailored young brand”. At the same time, it interprets the spirit of contemporary women’s freedom, personality, self and courage and independence, conveying optimistic, real and independent attitude towards life, and the fashion idea of self assertion and not blindly following. In order to cultivate more fashionable talents, NAYOUNG labs innovation laboratory will be set up in Tsinghua University, and it will be a topic for students of different disciplines, with fabric recycling and reengineering as a task to help the sustainable development of fashion industry.