LV 2018 early spring series

Hemingway once said, “if you are lucky enough to be in Paris when you are young, then Paris will always follow you, because Paris is a flowing feast.” Paris, as an undisputed world fashion center, has brought together many fashion and luxury brands. Born in Paris, LV Louis Weedon, for more than 100 years, has become a symbol of the art of fashion travel with excellent quality, excellent creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Recently, LV Louis Weedon from Kyoto spring of 2018 series of fashion show in the lush Linhai prance, came to the island of Ibiza, the beautiful scenery in the interpretation of fashion between the blue sky with a camera, the perfect interpretation of the art of travel.

The true meaning of Louis Weedon’s journey is to go to the far end of the world and pursue freedom and adventure. Therefore, the actress Alicia Vikander was invited to become the ads in the Louis Weedon girl. The partner with the leading actress is the Twist and Capucines handbag. Is famous for its elegant style of Capucines handbag is a symbol of excellent LV temperament and delicate process, while the Twist handbag is women’s art director Nicolas Ghesqui re well conceived and designed a new classic.

Behind the styling of the adventurous character, it is the pioneer spirit of designer Yamamoto Kansai. As a tribute to the new early spring series, he still persisted in the pursuit of pure peace and peace of art. Patrick Demarchelier is the well-known photographer highlights early spring series design and show the unique beauty of magnificent Haitian – Louis Weedon pure art juejing invited Zhang jing.

The so-called classic, is accumulated with time and the more meaningful, transfer to different hands of designers, also may through the re interpretation, given its new appearance, and then gave birth to another classic, so the Louis Weedon spring of 2018 ad series, lens under the blue sky, the beautiful and fashionable girl LV package is the best interpretation of collocation. The art of travel.

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