Louis Vuitton Launched a completely new design

Today, the gift has become an art. For the holiday season, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) was born in early 2017 launched a new series of gifts of art design to echo nowadays generous gifts fashion theme. A variety of elegant and elegant decorations, rare accessories and exquisite luxury sporting goods add a classic and gorgeous fashion charm to this season. Sharing the emotion by gift sharing is the long art theme that LV LV (Louis Vuitton) has been exploring on the road to excellence.

In 1854, LV LV (Louis Vuitton), offering people of the same name suitcase workshop. In those days, the most elegant ladies walked into this small shop adjacent to the legendary landmark of Paris — Fang Deng square, entrusted their beloved jewelry, hat and exquisite dress to him. Soon, this is home to famed for the innovation of travel box “package art” professional workshop began to design all kinds of interesting toy accessories, such as from LV LV (Louis Vuitton) Mr. Sun – Gaston – Mr. Louis Weedon at the hands of Pateki blocks. Since 1920s, gifts has become a living art, has given birth to numerous articles such as books, “gift: how in the new year’s day, holiday and birthday commemorative moment for the beloved selection and gifts”. At present, the 2017 launch of the three series of gifts of art theme design, provide the creative gifts for intimate grand moment, will carry forward the art of generous gifts. In the end the celebration for the gift of gifts, to create a more festive atmosphere of joy, and show the LV LV (Louis Vuitton) technology standards workshop and distinguished extraordinary.

LV LV (Louis Vuitton) design furniture series full of classic elements, can be distributed in every corner of the house. Just like a group of “LV” commemorative boxes, which can be embedded in each other, the LV Scott (Louis Vuitton) suitcase, adhering to the design tradition of LV, will combine the modern plexiglass and the natural, delicate and full natural cowhide. In the living room, the best match of all kinds of photo frames is the “Georges” locker named by the founder of Monogram canvas fabric, and has Epi leather and natural cowhide material, and three sizes, fashionable and practical. In addition, LV LV (Louis Vuitton) also launched a Christmas tree ornaments, decorated with Monogram leather and silk fabrics with floral, canvas very brand charm nobility in the classical fir tree.

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