Louis Vuitton Chongqing franchised store

The French classic brand Louis Weedon Chongqing international financial center monopoly shop unveiled. The Chongqing international financial center franchised store is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, extending Louis Weedon’s unique interior decoration design. Store display Louis all kinds of products, including men and women leather series, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, perfume and other senior.

Known as the city of Chongqing City, and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is the economic center, financial center and innovation center, politics, culture, science, education and art center. In recent years, rapid development in Chongqing, consumption concept and the quality of life has been further improved. The high speed rail and freeway also radiate its luxury consumption to the whole southwest.

It is understood that since his founding, Louis Weedon has been a boundless yearning for the vast universe. From the beginning of the first suitcase, it was determined to accompany the travellers to the remotest corners of the earth. Sometimes just close your eyes, the same mind world square.

Traveling is a very personal, abstract and metaphorical experience. Traveling is not just for the purpose of destination. The journey itself is a feeling. It is a process of moistening and moistening all over the body, and it will always be remembered for a while. Today, Louis Weedon take inspiration from these touching moments, launched a new fragrance trip.

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